Lazarus Auction Capital Group

Sometimes it becomes necessary for business owners, individuals and/or real estate brokers, to employ the services of an auction house or liquidator, to dispose of certain types of assets, whether they are hard assets, such as inventory, household goods or various types of Real Estate, in any case, the process is basically the same. The auction house or liquidator may require you to put money up front for the necessary sales and promotional expenses needed to perform the upcoming auction. It is money that many may not have available at the time, but doesn’t want that to stop, or delay the auction from going forward. That’s where we come in, for a small fee, or percentage of the auction, Lazarus can provide the up front capital necessary to carry out the auction. The benefits to both (seller & auctioneer) are as follows:

  • We provide the necessary capital, so the auction can ultimately take place… the auctioneer then does the following:
  • Prepare the sales materials, brochures, mailings, flyers etc. That is so important to the sales / auction process
  • Create various print advertising materials, that improves the chances for a larger turnout, at the auction
  • Develop other forms of media advertising: such as the internet, TV, radio etc. For the greatest maximum exposure
  • Send out flyers, emails or faxes from the auctioneer’s data base to attract the many potential buyers they have dealt with
  • All this helps to increase the efforts, and ultimate success of the auction, which results in maximum benefits for all
  • To qualify for our Advance Capital Program, please call 216-217-0240 or email with your specifics.