Benefits of Lazarus Business Service


The only people who will know your business is for sale are the pre-qualified buyers who have been coded by price, type, and location into our computer-matching system. Your employees, competitors, creditors, vendors, or neighbors will not have access to this sensitive information. There are no "For Sale" signs, no listings in shared Realtor databases or publications (MLS).


Buyers are requested to submit a profile that includes bank references, credit lines, cash on hand, and other qualifying information. If you sought a local buyer, you would spend valuable time, effort, and resources screening out "tire kickers." You would not want to share sensitive financial information with every curious and barely-solvent "suspect" who showed an interest in your business. For most business owners, time is a precious and limited commodity. If it is spent unwisely, your bottom line will certainly be affected.


A profile is professionally assembled by The Lazarus Financial Group. However, the profile does not indicate your asking price. It is a marketing tool designed specifically to motivate qualified investors to contact us directly for additional information. The profile is sent to all qualified prospects who fit your criteria.


Upon finding "matches," your business profile and letter of introduction is provided to each prospective investor, and you will be notified of all respondents receiving your profile.

Business Valuations

Used as a powerful negotiating tool, the evaluation will provide an objective and impartial value to support your asking price. A business evaluation is an absolute necessity for a successfull sale since it supports your fair market value. It provides buyers with much needed information as it identifies strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for growth. It is common knowledge that three-out-of-four business owners who do not have a formal evaluation in place, sell for much less than fair market value.


At some point, you must communicate the fact that you are for sale. To get fair market value, you must appeal to many potential suitors, possibly from all over the country. Owners who only use local advertising rarely get the selling price desired, and most often sell their businesses for significantly less than market value. In addition to print media, we advertise in strategically placed Internet destinations.


Ours is a Small Price to pay for an Independent Business Evaluation, a Professional Profile, Screened Investors, ongoing Customer Service, and a more Practicle way to Selling Your Business . Simply put, it is the most Economical and Effective way to Find Qualified Investors.

Our Business is Your Business

We are delighted you've chosen The Lazarus Financial Group to represent you. We will continually strive to exceed your expectations!