Commercial Real Estate & Joint Venture Projects

Lazarus Realty LLC (Commercial Real Estate Brokers) Is a national wholesale condominium conversion company. We sell our conversion projects to investors, who are looking to invest in positive cash flow properties, and receive a substantial return on their investments. We’re able to accomplish this because we don’t sell our properties on a retail basis, or hold our projects long term. We offer premium properties for less than their appraised value, many times with no money down, seller financing, and with a one-year income guarantee. Through our joint ventured partners we’re able to offer decades of real estate experience and expertise, along with a wide range of professional services, including but not limited to:

  • Conversion Viability Studies
  • Legals
  • Architectural Design
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Maintenance


"Provide Investor Condos @ Wholesale Prices"

We have been able to complete many successful conversions due to our proven and innovative methods, and the ability to evaluate a project to determine its viability as a positive cash flow real estate investment, regardless of market conditions at the time. We do this based upon cash flow. Every project we take on is based on a specified "cash on cash return", not on appraised value. Most importantly, our financial projections are based on a complete income and expense analysis, which reflects the true "total" cost of your investment, and its expected return. For with the condo conversion approach ...“the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”. Our projects offer beautiful, well-maintained, residential properties in desirable communities, that generate positive cash flow from their rental income.

Some of Our Recent Projects...

Musa at Daniels (Ft. Myers, Florida)
Residential Condominium Community
65 Units Sold in 90 Days to Investors from the US, Canada & Europe
$4.5 Million Total Sales

Oakwood Estates (Olmsted Township, Ohio)
86 Ranch /Garden Style Condos... Sold in 120 Days to Investors & Owners
$6.5 Million in Total Sales

Royal Greens @ Gateway (Ft. Myers, Florida)
Residential Condominium Community
31 Units Sold in 43 Days to Investors from the US, Canada & Europe
$2.1 Million in Total Sales

Woodbridge Condominiums (Mansfield, Ohio)
180 Unit Condo Conversion… Completely Sold Out
$7.8 Million in Total Sales

Our goal is simple…offer investors premium properties, with a positive cash flow, at exceptional values.

Musa at Daniels Ft. Myers, Florida


If you own an apartment building or complex of 50 units or more that is 80% occupied, you can expect at least a 24% increase in your cash return when you convert them to condominiums. Converting your Apartments to Condominiums makes your property open to a larger pool of buyers at much higher prices. Because you’re selling to individuals as well as investors, your gains are based on retail pricing verses the wholesale price a single investor would demand. We will conduct for you, at no expense, a "Conversion Work Up Study" to determine what your property is worth on a conversion basis, and how best to turn your equity into cash. We can handle the Legal’s, Financial, Architectural, Construction, and Marketing details on your behalf, including: Polling Existing Tenants, Advertising to outside Buyers, Closing Sales, and Establishing the Condominium Association. If together, we determine that your property is a conversion candidate.

  • We will structure the deal on a joint venture or up front buy out basis.
  • If you have a conduit loan, we will work with your lender regardless of the defeasance penalty expenses involved.
  • We will provide all the guidance and support necessary, to turn your equity into cash.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We won’t waste your time trying to convert an apartment building or complex that isn’t an ideal candidate. We make our money only when your project is converted and sold. Our programs are offered to those who would like to take advantage of the condo conversion market, but may not have the experience, or the time to devote to it.

Whether you are an investor or an owner of a potential project, to learn more about our process, please call 216-217-0240 or email for further details, or our current projects.