Selling a Business

Common Mistakes Sellers Make

  1. Not knowing what the business should Sell for. One of the most costly errors a business owner can make is not knowing the approximate price of his or her business prior to entering the selling process. Many business owners feel that no one knows their business like they do. When the going gets tough, they become impatient and inflexible. They blame others, usually the buyer, when the deal blows up.
  2. Not being able to walk away from a deal . Many sellers don’t want to let the deal get away. Since they have invested a lot of time and effort, and probably expenses, it’s often difficult to just end it. It’s much better not to do the deal than to do a bad one!
  3. Waiting too long to sell. They wait until business is down, or they are completely burned-out, or their business partnership has soured completely. The time to sell is when business is good.
  4. Changing your mind. The business has been a major part of their life for many years. Just before the closing, the seller decides that he or she can’t live without the business and the deal starts to unravel.

Here's An Overview Of What We Do for you :

Professional Business Profile

The most important tools in positioning your company to sell for top dollar is the valuation and the Business Profile.

Print Advertising

We advertise in newspapers, periodicals and other publications of general distribution, both local and out of area.


The Internet is today's tool for selling a business fast. Thousands of Buyers are reached every day through leading Internet sites. We post listings on a variety of prominent sites to provide your business with maximum exposure.

Strategic Marketing

We create a strategic plan to target potential Buyers for your business in and out of your industry which may include the direct mail marketing approach to reach potential Buyers. Our goal is to ensure top dollar for you, the Seller.



We know how important it is to your business to maintain the confidential nature of the sale. Our ads and Internet postings are "blind." Your business's identity is not revealed to the public, only the facts necessary to generate Buyer interest are publicized. Prospective Buyers will be required to sign a Confidentiality/Non Disclosure Agreement and demonstrate their financial resources to purchase your business before they receive your Business Profile.


There is no true Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") for businesses. We work in cooperation with brokers’ and their associations as well as other reputable M&A firms to expand your business’ exposure, to ensure a timely and successful sale of your business, while also protecting your confidentiality.

Strong Selling Points: Let Your Strengths Work for You!


Price Your Business to Sell

Realistic pricing is perhaps the most important factor in selling from a point of strength. A valuation on the business creates a document that proves value to the buyers and shows the business to be competitively priced.

Know Your Buyer

First locating and then qualifying buyers is a key function of Lazarus Consultants. They use computerized data bases, professional associations and other networks all to increase the chances of selling a business at top value. This not only locates the best buyers,but frees the seller to concentrate on his business.

Prepare Your Business for Sale

There are important steps the seller must take in advance of putting the business on the market. Remember buyers may be willing to buy potential, but they don’t want to pay for it.

Maintain Normal Operations

Another vital activity for the seller is to keep on top of the day-to-day running of the business, focus on keeping daily operations going. Sellers fail to visualize the number of buyers they would have to “woo-and-win” if handling the sale on their own.


Most sellers do not want to disturb or jeopardize the normal interaction with customers and employees; nor do they want to alert the competition. A Lazarus Business Consultant helps by using nonspecific descriptions of the business, requiring signed confidentiality agreements, and performing a careful screening of all prospects.

Keep the sale of your business on firm ground

Be sure that your strengths as an independent business owner aren't actually weakening the sale.

Using these key selling points along with the expertise of The Lazarus Group, will help to keep the process going strong.