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                                   Commercial / Residential Real Estate & Business Brokerage

Selling A Business
A profile is professionally assembled by the Lazarus Financial Group. It is a marketing tool designed specifically to motivate qualified investors to seek additional information.
Buying A Business
Respondents from advertising are matched with the types of businesses in which they have expressed interest. Sellers' identity is kept confidential until final information has been received and prepared by Lazarus, then each prospective buyer receives a business profile of each successful match.
We perform a professional business valuation that will assist you in analyzing the financial scope of your business. This valuation will give you an indication of the value of the entity, and be helpful in any buy/sell transactions.
Lazarus advertises via generic, business-for-sale advertising in major financial, business and Internet publications.
Third Party Valuations along with Advertising exposure oftentimes makes the difference between selling a business at top market value, or just liquidating it.
Duties of a Consultant

A Lazarus Business Consultant will perform an analysis of your business to help you determine its worth.